The 2016 Michigan International Camporee is now history! 

Scouts, leaders, and staff members from 25 countries participated.

The slideshow above shows highlights of the week.

Scroll down near the bottom of this page to learn much more about what happened at MIC 2016 by reading the 8 issues of the LOONEY TIMES daily camp newspaper.


The one MIC 2016 staff member from Liberia and five MIC 2016 staff members from Saudi Arabia were late additions after the patch design had been submitted.  The flags of the other 23 countries that participated in the 2016 Michigan International Camporee are shown in the design of the patch and back patch above.  Can you match the names of the countries in the lists below to their flags?

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There are two videos that were produced by our MIC 2016 Media Team and shown at the MIC 2016 closing amphitheater show.  They are now on youtube

1. A history of the Michigan International Camporee and the Golden Arrow


2. Highlights of the 2016 Michigan International Camporee


22 Contingents of Scouts and leaders from 20 countries joined Scouts and leaders from Michigan and 9 other states at MIC 2016:
Australia - Scouts Australia - Roleystone Scout Group, Western Australia
Canada - Scouts Canada, 1st Windsor Venturers, Tri-Shores Council, Windsor, Ontario
Costa Rica - Asociación de Guias y Scouts de Costa Rica (Association of Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica) - Troop 25 "Los Romanos", San Juan Tibas
Curacao - Scouting Antiano – National Contingent
Egypt - Egyptian Scout Federation - Saint Mark Scout, Shoubra, Cairo
England - The Scout Association - Cumbria County Scout Council, 1st Border Scout Troop, Ayers and Inglewood Explorer Scout Units
England - The Scout Association - Thurrock District Scouts, Essex
Ethiopia - Ethiopia Scout Association - Bright Future School Troop
Ghana - The Ghana Scout Association - Greater Accra Regional Scout Council
Honduras - Asociación Scout de Honduras (Scouts Association of Honduras) - National Contingent
Hong Kong - Scout Association of Hong Kong - National Contingent
Hungary - Magyar Cserkészszövetség (Hungarian Scout Association) - Troop 400 St. Peter and Paul, Budapest, Óbuda
Ireland - Scouting Ireland - 29th Dublin Blackrock Scout Troop
Jamaica - The Scout Association of Jamaica - National Contingent

Kenya - The Kenya Scouts Association - Westlands Scouts Local Association, Nairobi County
Korea - Korea Scout Association - Troop Gideon 300, Incheon
Mexico - Asociación de Scouts de México, A.C. (The Scout Association of Mexico) - Carretas Group 8, Queretaro
Mexico - Asociación de Scouts de México, A.C. (The Scout Association of Mexico) - Quetzales Group. 4, Tabasco
Switzerland - Pfadibewegung Schweiz (PBS) - Pfadi Lachen
Taiwan - Scouts of China - 326th Taipei Scout Group
Trinidad & Tobago - Scout Association of Trinidad &Tobago - 1st Queen's Royal College Scout Group
Zimbabwe - The Scouts Association of Zimbabwe-  1st Bulawayo (Pioneer) Scout Troup 

In addition to BSA, there were members of the MIC 2016 all-volunteer staff from the following National Scout Associations.  Can you identify the 4 countries that sent staff members but not contingents of Scouts and leaders?
Canada - Scouts Canada
Costa Rica - Asociación de Guias y Scouts de Costa Rica (Association of Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica)
Curacao - Scouting Antiano
Egypt - Egyptian Scout Federation
England - The Scout Association

Ghana - The Ghana Scout Association
Honduras - Asociación Scout de Honduras (Scouts Association of Honduras)
Ireland - Scouting Ireland
Kenya - Kenya Scouts Association
Korea - Korea Scout Association
Liberia - Liberia Scout Association
Libya - Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Libya
Mexico - Asociación de Scouts de México, A.C. (The Scout Association of Mexico)
Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabian Boy Scouts Association
Switzerland - Pfadibewegung Schweiz (PBS)
Uganda - Uganda Scouts Association


 MIC 2016 promotional video for Michigan Crossroads Council units and volunteers

Logos for MIC 2016  Thank you Integrated Strategies for your help with the designs!







Mast head

The Newspaper of MIC 2016 Arrow Ambassadors

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pdfMIC2016_Looney_Times_Issue_2_Monday.pdf14.64 MB

pdfMIC2016_Looney_Times_Issue_3_Tuesday_.pdf2.8 MB

pdfMIC2016_Looney_Times_Issue_4_Wednesday.pdf2.66 MB

pdfMIC2016_Looney_Times_Issue_5_Thursday.pdf9.66 MB

pdfMIC2016_Looney_Times_Issue_6_Friday.pdf15.32 MB

pdfMIC2016_Looney_Times_Issue_7_Saturday.pdf17.14 MB

pdfMIC2016_Looney_Times_Issue_8_Sunday.pdf19.51 MB

MIC 2016 Participant Handbook

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MIC 2016 in the News!

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