While the Michigan International Camporee is on hiatus, contact the Michigan Crossroads Council International Committee by following the instruction on their web page at https://michiganscouting.org/international-scouting/ 

IMPORTANT NOTICE - At the July 19, 2020, Michigan International Camporee planning meeting, the decision was made to postpone the next Michigan International Camporee indefinitely.  The reaons behind the decision are explained in the document "Is there a Future for the Michigan International Camporee."  You are encouraged to learn more about the Michigan International Camporee and other International Scouting Opportunities on this website.

The Michigan International Camporee (MIC) is the largest council-run multinational Scout activity in North America. Once every four years, contingents of Scouts and leaders and volunteer staff members from more than 20 countries come to Michigan for a hosting week with Michigan troops and crews and then a week camping together with Scouts, leaders, and staff members from Michigan and from other U.S. states in a miniature World Scout Jamboree.  Scroll down to see the countries that participated in the first 6 MICs, their flags, and the years they participated.  Link here for a .pdf file showing the countries, the years, and their flags.

All youth participants in a Michigan International Camporee become part of international troops and international patrols.  Each MIC campsite troop is composed of 16 youth and 4 adults from Michigan Crossroads Council host unit(s), 16 youth and 4 adults from contingent(s) from outside the U.S. and Canada, and 8 youth and 2 adults from a contingent from another state or a province of Canada.  These campsite troops are divided into 4 campsite patrols, each containing 4 host unit youth, 4 international contingent youth, and 2 out-of-state/Canadian youth.  These international troops and international patrols provide a unique experience that is not available anywhere else.

The most recent Michigan International Camporee took place in the summer of 2016 with 25 countries represented.  To see photos and videos of MIC 2016 and download the MIC 2016 Looney Times daily newspapers, link at "MIC 2016."  Use the links on the left for information on earlier MICs.

The first Michigan International Camporees were run by the Chief Okemos Council BSA.  In 2012, the Chief Okemos Council joined eight other Michigan councils to form the Michigan Crossroads Council BSA.  Since then, the Michigan International Camporee has been run by the Michigan Crossroads Council.

Link here to the web site of the Michigan Crossroads Council BSA.

For opportunties for Michigan troops and crews to interact with Scouts from other countries,

(a) Link here to learn how your troop or crew can form a contingent to parfticipate in a jamboree in another country.

(b) Lnk here to the International Scouting section of the Michigan Crossroads Council web site.

(c) Link here to the Michigan Crossroads Council International Scouting Facebook page.

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The Michigan International Camporee has been featured in Boy's Life and American Scouting Digest Magazines

March 2017 Boys Life cover

 MIC 2016 article March 2017 Boys Life


pdf To read the Amerian Scouting Digest Feature article, please click here1.49 MB

The Michigan Internatinonal Camporee has been recognized by the Governor of Michigan for promoting International Friendships and World Peace!